Affiliate Program Marketing: Make It Your Business!

Affiliate Program Marketing: Make It Your Business!

In my online journey specifically dedicated to helping Internet Marketing newbies launch successful affiliate program campaigns, I've noticed one thing that is pretty "cut and dried". Those that treat their chosen programs like a business are far more successful than those that don't.

Too many of us sign up, cut and paste the affiliate code onto our websites, into our newsletters, and into group mailers (to be "machine-gunned" to every "safe list", FFA site, free ad site, etc...), without *completely* understanding what the program is about.

If you fall into this category, let me give you some sage advice:

- Choose a reputable program, with a good track record.

Look for new programs offered by those that have had successful "old" programs. You can find the best by accessing the top affiliate program directories. You must choose a product or service that you, yourself, believe in.

- Read everything you can get your hands on that is associated with it.

Understand it, inside and out. When you are confident about your knowledge of a product or service, it's easier to promote, and helps build trust and earn respect from potential customers.

- If it's a program, buy it! A service, subscribe to it!

It's a known fact that the top 10% of the most program's affiliate sales are made by those who purchased the product or service. 

The initial cost will be far outweighed by the commissions you'll receive, as long as you've chosen the right affiliate, devoured every bit of info they provide, promoted it to the fullest (to the right sources...), followed up your leads, and sales, and if the program or service is 2 tier or MLM, educated your sub-affiliates. 

It makes a big difference, actually being a customer yourself before becoming an affiliate when it comes to fully understanding the product or service that you're representing. That is why testimonials are one of the best promotion techniques in Marketing.

- Interact with your sub-affiliates!

I cannot stress this enough. Too many of us go to extremes to acquire them, only to forget them. Could you imagine if you had 5, 10, 50, 100, even 1,000 or more sub-affiliates with the same knowledge of the program as you? The same ability to sell it as you? Think about it...

- Promote offline!

Business cards, fliers, small ads in local papers, voicemailbox, word of mouth, etc. Remember, this program is your business. Treat it like one!

- Build your website, or have it built for you.

Self-replicating sites get clumped together in search results, making it difficult to get noticed as individuals. It is also advisable to get your domain name, as subdomains and free hosted sites also have a tough time standing out.

Take all of these things into consideration, and I'm sure you'll be surprised at the results.

Good luck in your ventures,

Jessica Taylor